Amy Correia

Amy Correia

When Amy Correia officially arrived with her 6-song EP, Transportation Songs, I was immediately drawn to her song, ‘The Bike.’ A toe-tapping story of a hand-me-down bicycle, the song tells the story of a little girl who becomes the heiress of the rusty bike and recalls the history of her possession while pedaling around town.

Along with the other five tracks (of which ‘Gramophone’ is included) the small collection of songs served as a sampler for Amy’s debut, 2000’s Carnival Love

An acclaimed album by many music critics, Carnival Love completed the journey that Transportation Songs hinted at. It also introduced Amy to an array of talented musicians and the unpredictable world of major labels.

Opening the set is the beautiful and sad, ‘Angels Collide’ and the return of ‘The Bike.’

Drawing comparisons to folk-rock artists like Patty Griffin and Victoria Williams, the album served up as a respectable collection of tunes showcasing Amy’s knack for writing heartfelt short-stories set to music. But ultimately, the album was lost in the shuffle and was unable to reach a large audience.

Now, four years later, Amy is back with Lakeville, whose title refers to the town where she grew up in southeastern Massachusetts.

Recorded in just under a week, Lakeville brought Amy and a small band of musicians together to perform Amy’s new material and a few older songs that she shared only during her live performances. As a whole, Lakeville somehow seems to be a more purer collection of songs, focusing on Amy’s memories of childhood and the experiences she’s had since. ‘Coney Island, USA’ recalls a drunken/sleepy train ride home on the way back from celebrating an old friend’s birthday while the soft and sweet title track pays tribute to her hometown by describing it as “…my pretty little town where nothing ever really happens.”

For more information on Amy, please visit her official site.

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