I discovered the music of Claud9 when I was in Italy last year on vacation. One night while in my hotel room in Rome, the video to ‘Addicted’ appeared on MTV Italy and I was instantly awestruck at what I heard and saw.

Once I arrived back in the States, I did my best to look up what I could on Claud9 in hopes to purchase his album through an online vendor, but there is virtually little available. I did discover that Claud9 is the pseudonym used by Claudio Pelissero and that there were a couple of mentions of his album, Eye Hear, on some music-related websites, but little else that directed me to own a personal copy.

Frustrated, I had just about given up when I had received quite the surprise. Mr. Pelissero himself had found a blurb I had written about him in an old blog of mine and explained in an e-mail to me that there were some distribution problems with his album and its release was extremely limited – even in Italy! He was kind enough to send me a copy of Eye Hear and gave me his blessing to share it. So here I am, giving his music to the people.

Claudio’s music paints itself to become a rare form of dreamy dance music; electronica with a heartbeat. I think that’s what attracted me to it to begin with. I find most music that fits into this genre to be great for dancing, but not much more. Here, Claudio has managed to create music with a soul; an amazing feat considering all of his music is created using only a computer. Even down to the human-like voices.


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  • james h says:

    Blown away by the Claud9 stuff. Just walked back from my parents’ house down a country lane in Cornwall, with the sun about to go down, and you couldn’t wish for a better soundtrack.

    Found something else in a dreamy/harmony/electo sort of vein at http::/ (sent there by the Neil Gaiman site originally). Listen to Sad Song (also called Dad and Dog, confusingly).

    It’s hard to get that sound right, and not come as as twee, but when it works, there’s nothing else quite like it.

    many thanks

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