Eddi Reader

Eddi Reader

Already a household name in Britain, Scottish-born singer/songwriter Eddi Reader is an artist who initially started her performing career with a traveling circus before landing a leading role as the voice for the appropriately named group, Fairground Attraction, before embarking on her solo musical career. With an incredibly clear voice, she has created a very impressive catalogue of music mainly falling into the folk genre while occasionally traveling to other musical realms.

Eddi only stayed with Fairground for their debut release, long enough to enjoy the enormous popularity of their hit, ‘Perfect,’ a bouyant blend of catchy lyrics and a memorable chorus. Be prepared: once you hear it, it’ll stay in your head for awhile.

Her official solo debut was 1992’s Mirmama, which seemed to depart itself from the traditional pop sound found on Fairground Attraction’s debut, The First Of A Million Kisses. The album features the beautiful, ‘What You Do With What You’ve Got,’ Mirmama’s first single, which is prime example of Eddi’s beautiful voice. On the single release, one could find the b-side, ‘I Wish You Were My Boyfriend,’ another gem.

After a steady release of albums, Eddi contributed ‘Nobody Lives Without Love’ to the film, Batman Forever in 1995. A song which could easily belong filed next to much of the work by Everything But The Girl or even Air with its haunting delivery and electronic instrumentation.

On Angels & Electricity, Eddi’s fourth album, there was little that was electric. Here you’ll find a steady dose of acoustic tracks nearly guaranteed to lull you into relaxation. The trick again is all in Eddi’s voice, which always seems to sound effortless. ‘California’ is taken from here.

Since Angels, Eddi has continued making great music. Famous of her interpretations of classics and covers, she most recently released Eddi Reader Sings the Songs of Robert Burns, a critically acclaimed collection of well-known traditional material, furthering her stellar musical portfolio.

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