Eleanor McEvoy

Eleanor McEvoy

After spending nearly all of her childhood surrounded by music and learning several instruments along the way, Dublin-born Eleanor McEvoy officially embarked on a musical career in the early 90’s with her self-titled debut. The album would land Eleanor as one of Ireland’s most treasured artists.

Two years later, while major labels were still in hot pursuit for finding marketable female musicians, Eleanor’s second release, What’s Following Me? was released. The album continued to exhibit Eleanor’s strong ability at creating breezy and beautiful folk-rock and possessed a slightly larger recording budget. It also featured ‘Precious Little,’ a live version of which I have featured from a 1996 performance on WRLT’s ‘Nashville Sunday Night.’ The original version remains as her biggest hit in America.

Snapshots arrived in 1999 with Rupert Hine on production and has become my favorite of Eleanor’s catalogue. The track ‘All I Have,’ which was co-written with the talented Caroline Lavelle, is taken from here and is the perfect example of a lush, pleasantly well-rounded pop song.

Admittedly, I had lost track of Eleanor’s whereabouts since Snapshots, but it was after re-listening to that album recently that I decided to do some research on Eleanor through her official site. I quickly discovered that she’s kept herself busy; Her album Yola was released in 2001 and this year saw the release of her latest album, Early Hours.

Her website also features some extra songs that were released on some of her hard-to-find singles. I decided to feature ‘Wilderness’ and the acapella ‘Stray Thoughts,’ but don’t forget to listen to the other songs offered, one of which being the unique take of ‘The Boys Are Back In Town,’ the song made famous by Thin Lizzy.

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