Jen Trynin

Another victim of a record company that refused to properly promote her music, Jen Trynin released two exceptional albums back in the mid to late 90’s: 1994’s Cockamamie and 1997’s Gun Shy Trigger Happy.

Cockamamie came out during the huge surfacing of other female singer-songwriters and was unfortunately overshadowed. However, it did boast one modest near-hit in the form of ‘Better Than Nothing,’ whose repeated chorus of “I’m feelin’ good“, does just that. It is quite possibly one of my favorite songs of all time (and can be heard at her official site).

A gifted writer, Trynin parted ways with the music business after the release of Gun Shy Trigger Happy and decided to begin writing a book based on her experiences. An excerpt, entitled ‘K-Rock Lives’, originally found at, humorously illustrates how Trynin was treated by a famous radio station during her limited promotion of Cockamamie. The excerpt is read by Jen herself with ‘Better Than Nothing’ playing during its pauses.



Thankfully, Trynin hasn’t quit music completely. In 2001, she was invited to join the band Loveless, a rock outfit consisting of Dave Wanamaker, Pete Armata, (both formerly of Expanding Man) and Letters To Cleo‘s Tom Polce on drums. This time, Trynin is primarily in the backrgound, playing bass for the band and occasionally singing backing vocals.

Trynin’s approach at music is pure and simple rock and roll. Her solo music possessed everything you would want out of a great song: solid songwriting, an appealing voice, tight instrumentation and a memorable hook. Unfortunately she remains largely unnoticed.

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