Katell Keineg

Katell Keineg

Even though she’s probably best known in America as the woman who sang in the background of Natalie Merchant‘s 1995 single ‘Carnival,’ Katell Keineg (pronounced Kay-neck) has a voice that deserves to be showcased.

Welsh-bred and well-traveled, Keineg seems to encorporate many of her world experiences in her music, often providing her songs with a fragile and mystical quality.

So far Keineg has two full-length albums to her credit: 1994’s O Seasons, O Castles and 1997’s Jet. Both went largely unseen in America, but received many critical accolades.

‘Hestia,’ is one of Keineg’s earlier recordings, and like many of her songs, it starts sweet and slow and builds up to something much more powerful. And while the instrumentation of guitar and cello are beautifully played throughout, it’s her voice that is particularly entrancing.

‘Beautiful Day,’ is much more casual; a breezy song perfectly realized with Keineg’s lilt. The perfect song for summer. It can be found on the EP What’s The Only Thing Worse Than The End Of Time? released in 2002 which also features a cover of Nick Drake‘s ‘River Man.’

In 1998, Keineg produced, co-wrote and sang on ‘Love Song For My Guru,’ a song from The Floors’ album Morphine Watch (which I can’t seem to find any information on). Quite possibly one of my favorite songs from her, Keineg sings alongside the Floors’ lead-singer and a steady thumping of percussion and guitar strumming. Toward the bridge, she belts out a whirling chorus that is repeated until the song concludes.

Currently spending her time between Dublin and New York, Keineg is playing shows in these areas and is expected to release a third album, High July, later this year.

Keineg’s official website is where you can also find ‘Pablo Quilla’s Dream,’ a strange instrumental used as a b-side from one of her hard-to-find singles.

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