Kim Fox

Debut albums are always difficult to critique because generally there isn’t an earlier effort to contrast and compare. With the music of Kim Fox, I don’t know where to begin.

Operatically trained during her time at college and self-taught in both piano and guitar, Kim was signed to Dreamworks in 1996 and released her debut, Moon Hut, the following year. The album spawned the radio-friendly single, ‘I Wanna Be A Witch,’ but listeners may be surprised with the rest of the album’s content, as Kim seems to travel to darker places on other songs (such as the lyrically strange ‘Flowers Have O’s’). And ‘Say Anything’ is a humorous and well-written ode to standing by a loved one who can’t keep his mouth shut.

The entire album features Kim’s playful voice and unyielding songwriting and even boasts a remarkable cover of Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘Atlantic City.’

Fast forward six years later, and the arrival of Kim’s second album, Return To Planet Earth is released. I’m not sure what Kim has been up to in the space between albums, but based solely on the samples I’ve heard, she’s gotten better at her (witch) craft. The songs here seem a bit more ready for radio (which depending on your view, could be both good or bad). Either way, they seem more accessible and immediately likeable. Be sure to listen to the samples made available via Kim’s section at CDBaby (most notably ‘Baby, I Want You Back’ and ‘I’ve Got Music’).

And while you’re there, you might as well purchase the album. She’s just that good.

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