Kristin Hersh

Kristin Hersh

After spending years with her band Throwing Muses, Kristin Hersh did what many frontwomen eventually do: she went solo. But by doing so, she worked doubly hard by working on both her solo material as well as the music for Muses.

Kristin’s first solo album was 1994’s Hips & Makers, an album rich with acoustic instrumentation, providing a better stage for Kristin’s unmistakable gritty voice and abstract songwriting. She would continue this avenue of sound with her subsequential albums.

When Throwing Muses disbanded in 1997 after the release and promotion of Limbo, Kristin continued work on her next album, 1998’s Strange Angels. Later that same year, she recorded an album of Appalachian folk songs which were originally sung to her when she was a child. Entitled Murder, Misery & Goodnight, ‘I Never Will Marry’, the ode to staying single, is taken from this album.

1999 brought the more electric Sky Motel and 2001 boasted my personal favorite, Sunny Border Blue which featured arguably one of her best songs: ‘Your Dirty Answer.’

Kristin’s latest solo album became The Grotto in 2003, released on the same day that Kristin and the Muses also released a new self-titled Throwing Muses album.

Never one to stay idle for long, she and members of Throwing Muses have begun their latest project: 50 Foot Wave. According to Kristin, 50 Foot Wave plans to perform at least 100 shows per year and release an EP of music every nine months. The songs on the first EP, which was released at the end of May, are considerably more fast and harsher than Kristin’s solo material. Noise is the focus here and I haven’t quite digested the tracks thoroughly enough to form an honest opinion. Nevertheless, I’m placing them here for you to decide for yourself.

For more information regarding Kristin, Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave, be sure to check out Throwing Music, the official site. There you will also find Kristin’s Works In Progress, an online subscription service where fans can purchase & download many demos and rarities.

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