Laura Burhenn

Laura Burhenn

A rather new discovery for me, Laura Burhenn was suggested to me by a nice reader of of the site. He suggested I check out her official site, which I did. From there, I was able to sample a few of her latest songs and decided that she was definitely worthy of mention.

Wanderlust, which was released in April of 2004, is actually Laura’s second album with Laboratory Records. Her first being 1999’s Not Ashamed To Say. But where as Not Ashamed To Say was more of a piano-only affair, Laura employs a wider array of instruments for Wanderlust to better paint the dreamworld she envelops the listener into.

But to say that Laura’s music evokes dreams and colors doesn’t quite describe her music justly. Yet somehow, it’s the only description that seems to fit. When listening to ‘White Noise’ and it’s sweet, soft pulses, how is it not possible to imagine yourself floating over a silver cloud? ‘Helicopters’ follows a similar soundscape, this time allowing a little more color to shine through it’s musical horizon line while ‘Tattoo’, the most up-tempo of the selections featured here with it catchy chorus, prove that Laura is capable of more than just soft mood music.

Seemingly effortless, Laura’s music, as soft and fragile as it may sound at times, is flowing with the intensity of a star about to nova.

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