Lauren Hoffman

Lauren Hoffman

For a few years in the late 90’s, there was a huge surge of female songwriters being scooped up by major label companies following the huge commercial success of Alanis Morissette. Lauren Hoffman was one of them.

Lauren was fortunate to be raised around music. Her father, also a musician, wrote and performed songs with a pre-famous Dave Matthews. Lauren would eventually even work at Dave’s independent label. It was there that she soon met Shannon Worrell and joined her band, September 67 as their bass player, giving her her first opportunity to play in front of an audience.

September 67 wouldn’t be in Lauren’s future for long, as she wanted to make her own music. So through the connections available to her, Lauren worked on her own material and eventually signed to Virgin Records, who released her debut, 1997’s Megiddo.

All of this by the time she was only nineteen.

The album was a fine mixture of rock, folk, and moody elements, a fresh change from much of music that was released at the time. ‘Rock Star’, the album’s only official single, is a sharp and groovy ode to the yearning of fame whereas ‘Fall Away,’ switches to something more softer, but musically just as powerful. Megiddo proved that Lauren had incredible talent and had made an excellent decision to blaze her own trail.

However, despite those talents, the album went unnoticed, much in part due to its poor (i.e. nearly non-existent) promotion. Discouraged, Lauren and Virgin ended their relationship and she had nearly made up her mind to quit the music business altogether.

After taking some needed time off from the disappointments and pressures of her major-label experience, Lauren wound up creating From The Blue House, a collection of more acoustic-driven songs, stripped from studio effects and gloss. The focal point here is Lauren’s voice and music in its most natural form. Natural, but still extremely potent.

Since its release, Lauren has spent a lot of her time traveling, focusing on various stays in India, Israel and France (the latter of which her work is highly regarded), until ultimately settling on New York where she currently resides.

Lauren is also due to release her third album, Choreography soon. You can hear her new song, ‘Broken’ via her section on For further information on Lauren, including more samples of her music, be sure to visit her official site, which is evidently maintained by Lauren herself.

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