Lisa Germano

Lisa Germano

While there are a plethora of artists that I like and think are talented, few come as close to my music-loving heart as Lisa Germano.

An accomplished violinist, Germano has worked with many of the big names in the music business, having received her professional start performing with John Mellencamp during his Lonesome Jubilee period. She has since worked with the likes of David Bowie, Neil Finn, Sheryl Crow, Mark Everett (eels), Anna Waronker (that dog.) and the Indigo Girls while creating her own distinct catalog of music.

Germano belongs to that ever-growing pool of artists who are constantly overlooked by the public, largely perhaps due to the fact that her music is so difficult to categorize. Much of it is reminiscent of something you might hear at an old fashion carnival, with its Jack-in-the-Box sound winding itself through a dreamy landscape.

There is an intimate timbre to her voice; often low and smooth, as if she’s singing in whispers. Sometimes it’s as if she’s not singing at all, but talking in a slower tempo.

Many of Germano’s songs focus on love and the emotions borne of a broken heart and there is often a deep sadness laced throughout her melodies which are occasionally garnished with her twisted sense of humor.

To date, she has six albums under her belt (excluding her earlier renounced version of Happiness), but rumors suggest that Germano may quit the music business for good after her record company closed its doors earlier this year. For my sake, I’m definitely hoping that’s not the case.

For some strange reason ‘Dreamland’ has never been officially released. I’m thinking it must have been a throw-away track off of Lisa’s most recent album, 2003’s Lullaby For Liquid Pig, but I can’t be for certain. It was featured on the appropriately titled Rare, Unusual Or Just Bad Songs, a compilation of rare tracks Lisa herself made available to fans through her official website.

The song is classic Germano featuring her at the piano with weird, sweet noises fluttering about in the background and the gently thumping of a synthetic drum. A lullaby with a pulse.

The acoustic version of ‘Bad Attitude’ was performed during a radio appearance on Austin’s KGSR way back in 1993. The original version can be found on Germano’s 1993 album Happiness, but both are prime examples of Germano’s jaded sarcasm making its way through her songs. With lines like You wish you were pretty, but you’re not / Ha ha ha, it would make it difficult to argue that she doesn’t possess a wicked sense of humor.

‘Making Promises’ is actually an early demo version of a song on Lullaby For Liquid Pig called ‘It’s Party Time.’ The demo not only features a different title, but a complete set of different lyrics.


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