One of the nice things about maintaining this site is the opportunity to hear some great music from people who point me in specific directions. About a week ago, I received an e-mail from Louise Quinn, who asked me to give her music a listen. Always thirsty for something new, I was more than willing.

Through a few e-mails, I learned that Louise hails from Glasgow and received the bulk of her introduction into the world of music after playing and singing in church when she was younger with much encouragement from her mother. She cites her musical influences ranging from Lou Reed, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and the Clash (all of which were from the constant listening of her elder siblings’ records) to Jazz greats Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn and says they all probably played their part in her approach to songwriting.

In 2002, Louise and her band welcomed their debut album, Inbetween Worlds, which was released by their own label (Lunardiscs) under Louise’s surname, Quinn. The album featured eleven tracks of incredible music beginning with ‘Rising Star,’ a song that swiftly weaves from its quiet introduction to a lush and relaxed musical landscape. Also found here is the beautiful ‘Autumn’, a track which also garnered attention when it was featured on the Acoustic Vol. 1 compilation in Britain.

In addition to appearing on compilations, Quinn’s music also garnered exposure when a couple of their songs found themselves in films such as The Last Great Wilderness and The Principles Of Lust.

For their second album, Luss, Quinn recruited notable French producer Kid Loco, whom Louise had worked with on his 2001 album, Kill Your Darlings. The result of this latest collaboration marks a subtle change in the music as both ‘You Don’t Try Anymore’ and ‘The World Is Upside Down’ both exhibit a sense of power and confidence not as noticeable on the group’s first effort, yet continue to maintain Quinn’s unique vocal delivery. The latter being an eight minute trance of delicious noise. Expect the album to be released by the end of the year.

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