Veda Hille

Veda Hille

Veda Hille is a unique singer/songwriter from Vancouver whose strange and oddly beautiful music sets her apart from many of her contemporaries.

Hille came to my attention around the time her album Spine came out in 1996 (and was later re-released in 1998). An acquaintance of mine had placed many of her songs on a mix tape for me, showcasing much of her music from that album and I was instantly intrigued. However, it took several listens for Hille’s music to soak in, as many of her songs are very abstract in their composition. She seems to ignite a new genre of experimental folk.

‘Instructions’ is literally that – a list of eighteen strange commandments which eerily escalate as the next one is announced. Taken from Spine, ‘Instructions’ is easily a contender for one of her oddest songs as it perfectly showcases her unconventional approach to songwriting.

On ‘Well, I Guess Not,’ Hille opens with an unexpected rendition of the torch song ‘My Man’ (made famous by Barbra Streisand among others) before launching a monologue of one’s frustrations of finding true love set alongside a relaxed musical backdrop.

‘Born Lucky’ is from 1999’s You Are Not Alone In This World, Hille’s fifth album. A song whose subject is compared to the ocean, it starts with soft piano and strings and crashes into a strong chorus similar to that of a large wave.

All of Hille’s albums are available via her official site.


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