Wild Strawberries

Sometimes the bargain bins are the best place to discover new music without draining your pocketbook. And it was there that I discovered the music of Wild Strawberries, the Canadian husband & wife team of Ken and Roberta Carter Harris.

The band’s official debut was in 1993, although my introduction to their music wasn’t until 1998’s Quiver, which is largely considered their best release (so far). All twelve of the tracks combine a mixture of Roberta’s velvety vocals amidst a backdrop mixture of lush computer-generated sounds and traditional instruments.

With a sound that’s a bit reminiscent of Garbage with a dash of Sarah McLachlan for sweetness, the duo have created a nice collection of experimental pop and smart lyrics.

For a couple who make music as a side-project (they’re both doctors during the day), it’s remarkable that they’re able to put so much quality effort into their recordings and have the time to actively tour and collaborate with other artists (Roberta co-wrote and performed many songs with renowned DJ, ATB). One such collaboration, ‘Long Way Home’ off of ATB’s Addicted To Music, is featured here, proving that dance music doesn’t necessarily have to be just a mind-numbing beat.

As far as I can tell, Wild Strawberries’ last release was 2000’s Twist, an album which continues their signature sound, although perhaps with a tone that is lighter and less melancholy than Quiver. ‘Somersault’ can be found on this release and the album can be purchased as an import through Amazon.com or through their official website.

Alternatively, you could always hope to score a gem in a bargain bin.

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