Ane Brun

Ane Brun

Norwegian folkster Ane Brun is a name you won’t soon forget and a sound you’ll wish you heard long ago.

Unlike most musicians who claim to have been writing songs before high school, Brun was 21 before she seriously took an interest in playing and spent her early twenties developing her unique style before she began to compose her own music.

In 2000, Brun relocated to Stockholm and started to perform her material in clubs and festivals, slowly earning her fan-base, releasing demos and slowly solidifying the songs that would become her debut album.

Spending Time With Morgan became Ane Brun’s full-length debut. Released in 2003, this amazing collection of songs introduce Brun’s distinctive voice and intimate style to the world. Although predominately an acoustic album, Morgan (the name Brun uses to reference her guitar) is incredibly hypnotizing; casual enough to play on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but rich with unique flourishes. The magic begins with the album’s beautiful opener, ‘Humming One Of Your Songs,’ whose chorus will no doubt resonate in your mind.

‘Are They Saying Goodbye?,’ Brun’s song of regret, finds the listener effortlessly being carried by her clear singing.

Truly, these are the kinds of songs you don’t mind getting stuck in your head.

Ane Brun - A Temporary Dive

A Temporary Dive (2005)

Brun’s follow-up came this year with A Temporary Dive, which easily serves as a seamless continuation of the songs off of Morgan.

Although a shorter album, Dive does present its share of surprises, namely with ‘Song No. 6,’ a folky, foot-tappin’ gem in which Brun teams with the equally distinctive Ron Sexsmith.

Ane Brun regularly performs throughout Europe and just recently shared the stage with singer-songwriter Keren Ann.

Brun will also be making a rare U.S. appearance with two nights at The Living Room in New York City (October 25th and 26th).

To hear more by Ane Brun, be sure to visit her official site, which offers several songs to listen to, as well as an opportunity to purchase her music.


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