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Several years ago, I received an e-mail from Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jolynn Daniel asking me if I would be willing to listen to her debut EP, Suspended. And being that I’ve never been one to turn away a chance to hear something new, I graciously accepted.

Days later, Daniel’s EP arrived and I found myself immediately taken by the album’s six songs.

And so did many other people, as Daniel’s music was eventually picked up on radio stations nationwide and earned her spots on tours with REO Speedwagon, Joan Osborne and Widespread Panic, among others.

After taking a risky move to New York City in the early 90’s and performing the local club scene, Daniel eventually met musician/songwriter Jansen Press and the two immediately formed a bond. The pair then traveled to Florida to begin work on the songs that would eventually become Suspended.

Released in 1994 on their label, Rebel Sky Music, Suspended is Daniel’s first official recording, offering up six heartfelt tunes of love, pain, and hope, served in a classic rock/pop meets country/folk vibe that fits nicely between the works of artists like Shawn Colvin and Lucinda Williams and yet still manages to not become lost in the shuffle.

After the success of Suspended, Daniel relocated to Nashville and began to work on her full-length album. In 1997, Cosmic Daughter was born.

Featuring twelve brand new tracks including a cover of Neil Young‘s ‘I Believe In You’ (of whom Daniel is a long-time fan of), Cosmic Daughter allowed a clearer definition of Daniel’s style as both a singer and a writer and featured some standout tracks (‘Ride On,’ ‘Sunday Junkies,’ ‘No Friend’).

It took half a decade, but on her sophomore album, Come Closer, Daniel continues to sharpen her songwriting skills, delivering a stronger, even more mature collection of music.

Time spent in the music scene and in-between albums had obviously strengthened not only Daniel’s writing, but her friendships as well, as several notable musicians (Kami Lyle and Ken Coomer among others) help bring Come Closer to become Daniel’s best album to date. From which, ‘It’s All Good’ is featured, in all its foot-tapping, feel-good glory.

Daniel continues to write and record music and is working on an as-yet untitled third album. She’s also touring regularly. Her official website is your best source for current happenings; it’s news often posted by Daniel herself.

iTunes also features her two full-length albums for download.

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  • IanB says:

    Can’t help myself loving Womenfolk ! Some of the best music and one of if not the best template design !! I’m Jealous !! just a bit !! Loved the elisa Korenne & will be buying some of her CD’s for sure! Thanks !

    IanB @ RetroBabe!

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