Ebba Forsberg

In most reviews, Swedish singer-songwriter Ebba Forsberg is often compared to the music of Dido, but the comparison doesn’t seem to be entirely fair.

While Forsberg and Dido both possess similar voices, Forsberg’s music seems as if it doesn’t belong to one core genre. Heavily influenced by an array of styles, her songs are best described as jazz-inspired pop, even though that term could be used loosely.

Her introduction to music was born while living in South Africa as a teenager with her family. Forsberg was fascinated with the culture and soon taught herself piano and practiced using her singing voice. A few years would pass until Forsberg eventually relocated back to her native Sweden and would soon find herself performing with a few popular Swedish musical acts before eventually working on the material that would become her debut, Been There.

Released in 1998, Been There is Forsberg’s debut record released by Maverick Records. With a brief running time of just over forty minutes, the album carries well from song to song, never making the listener feel rushed when listening.

Also noteworthy is the interesting dynamic of the album’s conception, as Forsberg and her sister, Kajsa Ribbing, worked together to create the songs. Forsberg composing the music while Ribbing wrote the lyrics.

The album’s opener, ‘Lost Count’, became the first single and was perfectly chosen. Performed on piano and lined with Forsberg’s warm and soulful voice, it easily eases the listener to the entire record.

‘Lost Count,’ however, doesn’t quite prepare the listener to the next couple of songs that follow on Been There; both ‘Carried’ and ‘Most Of All’ follow a darker path, using a steady bassline to accentuate their chilling eeriness and providing a dim hallway for Forsberg’s voice to echo through. Still, the tracks are stand-outs.

The album closes with the lush and jazzy ‘Didn’t Treat Me Right’ which is easily one of the record’s best tracks.

Unfortunately, Been There appears to have been discontinued and is becoming very difficult to find new. Even online retailers like Amazon and the like have deleted it from their inventories.

While researching Ebba Forsberg and her music I was happy to discover that there was also a second album entitled True Love, which was released in 2001. Information on it is scarce, but I believe it can be ordered at this Swedish retailer (an English translator link is in the upper-right corner of the page).


  • Dave says:

    Ebba’s first album is a gem…rediscovered recently. Also found “True Love” available as a download (cheap) from emusic.com. Also great, if a different mix of styles. It is a shame that artists as amazing as Ms. Forsberg don’t get the chance for success…

  • Ryan says:

    I also loved “Been There” and it’s easily in my top ten cds of all time. I kept waiting for a new release from Ebba, but it never came. I couldn’t any info about her online so I thought maybe she was possibly having problems with her record label. Today I was searching for a song on iTunes and for some reason “True Love” popped up with her name under it. I reviewed each of the tracks and bought it from the store with a bonus track. If you want to avoid having to translate, just go to the iTunes Store and purchase the ten tracks for $9.99. I hope this album is as great as the last.


  • S-D says:

    Ebba is working with her music again after a couple of years doing other things. A new record is hopefully not to far away in time but I think that as “True Love” it will only be released in Sweden. Hopefully you can buy it from swedish retailers as the one mentioned in the text above.

  • Dave says:

    Ebba now has her own myspace.com page. Check it out here:


    Just a couple of songs posted now, but there is currently a demo for a new song “Hey” as well as “Daybreak” from her True Love release. More tracks to come.

    New album “Kiss of Life” is being released in Sweden in the fall. Hopefully the rest of the planet shortly thereafter.

  • Robbie says:

    Thanks for the new information, Dave! I greatly anticipate hearing more from Ms. Forsberg. She’s a tremendous talent.

  • S-D says:

    Ebbas first single from her new album is now released in Sweden.

    For more information visit her new site http://www.ebbaforsberg.com

  • Johan says:

    I can inform You all that Ebba Forsbergs Music can be ordered on: http://www.ebbaforsberg.com/bestall/
    The Site is mostly in Swedish – but I think they are working on an english version.

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