With a sound that can be wholly described as pure rock, the band Magnapop made its mark in the early 90’s during the hay day of such bands as the Breeders and Nirvana. Led by singer Linda Hopper, the band consists of bassist Shannon Mulvaney, drummer David McNair and guitarist Ruthie Morris, with whom Hopper shares writing credits with.

Magnapop officially formed in 1987, but its first release wasn’t until they hooked up with friend and fellow Georgian, Michael Stipe, who assisted in producing their 1992 self-titled debut album, which was basically a collection of earlier demos. Here you can find ‘Favorite Writer,’ an outstanding example of the band’s knack for writing a great song.

Demos or no, Magnapop contains some of their most beloved songs to date.

In 1994, Magnapop released their second album, Hot Boxing, a collection produced by yet another famous friend, Hüsker Dü‘s Bob Mould. Spread heavy with memorable songs and infectious hooks, Hot Boxing reaffirmed Magnapop’s promise in the rock world and even garnered a modest hit with ‘Slowly, Slowly.’

Careful when you say goodbye
Careful stays and careless dies
But careless is and careful tries

Magnapop’s third album was 1996’s Rubbing Doesn’t Help. While not a bad record, it’s definitely the band’s least revered. Rubbing‘s glossy production seems to overpower most of the band’s straightforward sharpness. Still, there are some great tracks to be found here, namely in its first single, ‘Open The Door,’ a song whose theme is drenched with the subject of death.

After a nearly decade-long absence between records, Magnapop resurfaced with Mouthfeel, their fourth record released in January of 2005. Fortunately for their fans, their sound recalls their first two records and is surprisingly unchanged. One would never have known that so much time has passed as the group has stayed cohesive through the years.

With the unveiling of Mouthfeel it seems that Magnapop are finally ready once again to dive into the spotlight. Good thing, as they were missed.

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