New Buffalo

New Buffalo
Sally Seltmann of New Buffalo

Using the strange moniker, ‘New Buffalo,’ Australian-bred musician Sally Seltmann creates some of the most beautifully odd music to come out of the ‘land down under.’

New Buffalo’s first recording came in the form of About Last Night, a now hard-to-find EP released in 2001. The release served as an appetizer for her full-length debut, but introduced her original lo-fi sound and ignited a warm buzz amongst critics.

For her proper full-length album, 2004’s The Last Beautiful Day, Seltmann originally had teamed up with Los Angeles producer, Jake Davies (Madonna, Bjork), but ultimately decided to write, record and produce the entire record on her own. Only the talents of Beth Orton‘s background vocals and the Dirty Three‘s Jim White on drums were enlisted for a handful of songs.

The end result is remarkably personal and intensely enchanting.

The Last Beautiful Day is one of those rare records that fills up a room with its strange air. The listener will be happily lost in its dreamy weirdness.

The songs are obscure and at times, bizarre. ‘Recovery’ starts the album with a clapping percussion, Seltmann’s sweet voice and swirls of programmed sounds; a song I can best describe as the aural offspring of a Solex and Bjork collaboration.

There is a monotone quality to ‘I’ve Got You And You’ve Got Me (Song Of Contentment).’ While entrancing, its repetitive clarinet and piano provide a lost-in-space vibe which could turn off some listeners as thinking it unfinished or perhaps slightly irritating.

‘It’ll Be Alright’ and ‘Yes’ are also highlights.

A little sleep will brush away
The finger prints I found today
And I’m not going far away
In just 8 weeks I’ll solve the case
~ New Buffalo

Since the album’s release, Seltmann has received rave reviews and has heavily promoted the record as a supporting act for Cat Power, Bright Eyes and fellow Aussie Ben Lee. She’s also recently contributed to Lee’s most recent album, Awake Is The New Sleep.

For more information on New Buffalo, please visit her official site.

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