Rachel Ries

The music of Rachel Ries (rhymes with ‘peace’) possesses what some refer to as a ‘vintage-sounding folk’. While this is hardly a definitive description, perhaps it is one that fits best.

Classically trained in violin, viola, voice, and piano (and self-taught on guitar), Ries uses her pleasingly sweet voice, poetic lyrics and acoustic arsenal to create some of the most instantly likeable songs – all of them possessing a near-inexplicable timeless quality.

Recalling the legendary sounds of artists like Billie Holiday, Ries’ second full-length album, For You Only features a treasure trove of songs one can imagine listening to on the sweetest of summer afternoons. It captures Ries’ significant skill as both a songwriter and a musician with melodies that will leave you humming throughout the evening.

Most commonly compared to artists like folkster Dar Williams, Ries’ songs are much more intimate and less fussy.

For You Only will be released on Waterbug Records on August 23 and is available there and at CD Baby. For more information on Rachel Ries and her music, please visit her official web site.

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  • As a DJ at my community radio station, I find myself surfing to womenfolk.net before my show to see what new artists I can highlight on the radio. Not only do I buy the music, I make sure to tell all the listeners to buy it, too. Thank you womenfolk.net!!

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