Robin Wynn

Robin Wynn was kind enough to send me a copy of her album, Oblivion a few weeks ago and I’m just now finding the opportunity to post about her.

Wynn, a native Virginian who has been singing since her early childhood, eventually learned how to play guitar and took a brave stab at performing during an open-mic night. That performance opened Wynn up to her first taste of singing her own songs in front of a live audience. It also allowed her to meet her future producer and band member, Mark Goldstein.

In the few years that followed, the result of Wynn and Goldstein’s collaborations led to Oblivion, Wynn’s first album on One True Vibe Records, a label Wynn founded.

Debut albums generally tend to be a bit uneven, as some artists are never sure where their musical focus is. But with Oblivion, Wynn serves up a mixture of rock-laden cuts and softer ballads that make for a remarkable debut.

While there is the occasional track that seems to fall a bit languid to the ear, there are definitely some stand-outs that the album can boast. ‘Bait,’ for example, the album’s opener, immediately starts with a steady percussion and Wynn’s clear honey-lined voice. A true rock song.

On the title song, Wynn rocks out with the band and delivers a track that is sure to win listeners with its classic rock formula. The use of harmonica also adds a nice touch.

‘Pyre’ and ‘New World’ serve as two of the album’s softer songs. Wynn actually wrote the former while inspired to Paul McCartney‘s ‘Let It Be,’ as both songs deal with a sort of surrender. Delivered with soft guitar strumming and weeping strings, this is easily my favorite song from the album. The lovely ‘New World’ closes the album and is themed on starting things anew with its chorus: “Let’s get the hell outta here / And we’ll take no baggage with us, baby / And we’ll leave nothing for them to find us / Say good luck to those we left behind us.”

Robin Wynn’s Oblivion was released in September of 2004 and is currently available through CDBaby and she can regularly be found performing in the Virginia area.

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