Britta Persson

Britta Persson

Britta Persson was a discovery prompted by a reader some time ago. And while I quickly became familiar with her music, it’s taken me awhile to properly feature her here on the site. That is, until now.

I don’t know much about Persson’s background, however. Everything I’ve been able to research online provides either little about her life or is written in Swedish. So instead, I’ll let most of her music do the explaining, which is what I’m hoping you, the reader, will do as well.

What I do know is that the young twenty-something writes incredibly poignant, largely acoustic songs about love and its array of ups and downs. Each of her songs sprout themselves into your head and slowly bloom into something unforgettable.

Having released two different EPs of demo material (appropriately titled Demo 1 and Demo 2), Persson officially released Found At Home, her debut EP on the Startracks label. The five songs found on this collection are fine examples of Persson’s sweet, golden voice.

Persson regularly performs in and around Stockholm and just recently opened shows for Heather Nova. Her full-length debut is expected for release early next year and regular updates can be found on her official site, including a link to her video for ‘Defrag My Heart.


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