Birdie Busch

Birdie Busch

For the last week, I’ve been listening to the music of Birdie Busch, a Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter whose songs have had a surprising effect on me. Warm and comforting, her music exudes a casualness that will easily put its willing listener at ease with little effort.

Scheduled for released on February 21, 2006, Emily ‘Birdie’ Busch’s debut album, The Way We Try is a remarkably simple collection of songs that provide sweet, honest glimpses into relationships, emotions and every day observations on life, but is executed in such a lovely and timeless fashion.

Simply put, The Ways We Try is a classic album in a modern world.

Citing famous folksters like Paul Simon, Gillian Welch and Neil Young as her primary influences, Busch’s music fits well into their respective catalogues, but manages to sustain its own unique identity. With songs that range from the jaunty opening of ‘The Cup’ to the melodious piano and sway of ‘Room In The City,’ a listener will find themselves easily captivated by Busch’s pure voice and undeniable talent.

On her song ‘South Philly,’ Busch sings, “And all of these songs / They come from my heart / Do you think they’re a dead-end? / Do you think they’re a good start?”

A good start, most definitely.


  • Paul says:

    Your entry on Birdie reminded me that I’ve been meaning to write to you. I saw Birdie at the Knitting Factory here in L.A. in the spring of last year. She was touring with a fellow Philadelphian, Emily ann Zeitlyn, and they put on an enrapturing show to the small audience there. What I wanted to do was point you towards Emily and her band, The Weeds. First of all, Emily is the sister of Mirah, who you profiled on here a while back. Second, she has a sound that would appeal to any fans of Feist (who I know you adore). At the show, I mentioned to Emily how much her sound reminded me of Feist, but at that point, Let It Die hadn’t been released in the States yet, so she didn’t know who she was.

  • Rori says:

    thank you so much for introducing us!

  • supergurg says:

    thanks heaps for the recommendation 🙂 what an amazing talent

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