Christine Fellows

Christine Fellows

There’s something incredibly special about the music of Christine Fellows. There is a beautiful isolation to her sound, as if it were created while she was on another world and then travelled back to Earth to show everyone what she has discovered.

Perhaps that is one reason why her music can be hard to describe. She doesn’t seem to fit into any specific genre; her music can seem strange at first, but it’s instantly captivating and almost always beautiful. A Canadian singer-songwriter, Fellows’ three albums feature an arsenal of rich melodies, thought-provoking lyrics and her own soft and pleasant voice.

Although Fellows has been making music since the early 90’s (she’s been a member in two different bands), it’s her solo work that she’s obviously personified by. She debuted with 2 Little Birds in 2000, a now out-of-print collection which feature contibutions by members of the Weakerthans and was produced by Paul James (Crash Test Dummies).

A couple of years later, Fellows followed-up 2 Little Birds with The Last One Standing, an album which again pairs her fascinating poetry with rich intrumentation. Cello and piano are prevelant throughout, which seem to only accentuate Fellows’ stories, giving the entire album a lush and exquisite glow. Standouts include ‘A Day In The Road,’ ‘Colourblind,’ and ‘Roadkill.’

Fellows’ latest is 2005’s Paper Anniversary, which musically, continues where The Last One Standing left off. The songs here are of equal caliber, but with some unique surprises.

The mid-tempo of ‘Face Down. Feet First’ begins with a computerized percussion and a keyboard intro, which instantly sets it apart from much of the rest of the album, musically recalling almost a Kate Bush quality.

Another noteworthy track, ‘Migrations,’ with its gentle cello and chimes, is my current favorite and highly recommended.

Fans of artists like Lisa Germano, Kristin Hersh and fellow Canadian Veda Hille will surely find joy in these songs.

Christine Fellows is currently touring in support of Paper Anniversary.


  • Fred says:

    I’ve been reading Womenfolk for a few months now, and you never fail to bring to light interesting and entertaining artists. But I wanted to thank you for this one in particular — Christine Fellows has very quickly become one of my very favorite artists.

  • Robbie says:

    Glad you liked Christine Fellows, Fred. She’s truly unique and wonderful.

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