Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson

Any fan of music can easily attest to how difficult it can be to find something fresh and different in today’s selection. The discovery of a new favorite artist are few and far between these days. But perhaps your new favorite will be the delicious sounds of Ingrid Michaelson.

A native of Staten Island, New York, Michaelson is relatively new to the music business, although she’s been secretly writing music since the age of six. She graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Theatre and joined a theatre tour that allowed her to travel to the Southwest where she took advantage of furthering her songwriting talents and began to perform for small crowds.

Based on the positive feedback she received from those performances, Michaelson gained the nerve to actively pursue a professional career in music and has since become a regular performer at many of New York’s well-known venues.

Michaelson’s debut, Slow The Rain, released just last year, introduces her as a very capable songwriter and singer. Heavy with piano and acoustics and oozing with a soft delivery, Michaelson treats her listeners with a soothing set of predominate ballads.

‘Morning Lullabies’ is just one of these, and is a beautiful selection to take notice of. Both soothing and sweet, this is a love song like no other.

Ingrid Michaelson - Girls And Boys

Girls And Boys (2006)

With Girls And Boys, her sophomore release, Michaelson turns it up a notch, featuring songs that carry as much weight musically as they do lyrically. There’s a growth in both confidence, skill and instrumentaion in these songs, boasting a sound that is both robust and thick, but never overindulgent. These tracks are a tad more accessible and will no doubt earn Michaelson a slew of new fans.

‘Die Alone,’ the album’s opener, is an immediate ear-grabber, featuring a filtered intro and a repetitive electric strum that carries throughout. On ‘Breakable,’ Michaelson explains the fragility of what protects our sensitive hearts with a song that sweeps in like a flutter of fairies and melodiously tickles the air.

There are simply too many notable songs in Michaelson’s two albums to truly capture the essence of her talent, which is a rarity for an artist so new to the scene.

Michaelson regularly performs in and around the New York City area.


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