Julia Darling

Julia Darling

Julia Darling‘s career as a musician started in her late teens when she bought herself a guitar and taught herself how to play. Shortly thereafter, the New Zealand native began playing on the streets of Melbourne, Australia and as fate would have it, was discovered by a record executive.

Some time later, the twenty-two year-old Darling found herself in New York with producer Tony Berg and a line-up of musicians including T-Bone Burnett and Jon Brion and recorded the songs that could comprise her debut album.

Darling’s debut, Figure 8, arrived in 1999 with Wind-Up Records and featured an incredibly strong collection of songs which boasted her sweet and satisfying voice, poetic lyrics and memorable sound.

Songs like the electrically charged “Bulletproof Belief,” the atmospheric “Crinolines And Waltzing” and the simply exquisite “Closer Look” prove that Darling can both rock and sway and not get lost in the transfer.

Despite critical raves, Figure 8 sold poor commercially and Wind-Up decided to part ways with the songwriter.

Surprisingly, Darling found new creative breath with the separation and remained undeterred to have her music heard. She remained in the New York area and immersed herself in the music scene, regularly performing throughout the city while waiting on tables in-between gigs.

Over the next few years, Darling’s loyal audience started to grow and in 2003, a few dedicated fans financed her eponymous sophomore record.

Julia Darling features 11 new songs by the songwriter, each one stemming from earlier collaborations with friends and fellow musicians. “Let’s Do It Again” is the album’s infectious opener and its lyrics illustrate Darling’s undying gratitude to her fans.

Darling’s “Blue” is another remarkable standout and featured here is a live version taken from The Living Room – Live In NYC, Vol. 2, a compilation of songs performed at the popular Manhattan venue where Darling has become a favorite performer.

Julia Darling continues to write songs and perform in the New York area as both a solo artist and as a guitarist in the indie rock band, Have Her Home By Ten.


  • hag says:

    I love your site but, the friggin pop ups really make me want stay away. Doll, there has to be another way!

  • Robbie says:

    Hag: Sorry if you experience any pop-ups. I personally do not (except for where they are intentional – This Woman’s Work, links to other sites). Can you tell me what pop-ups you’re receiving? I’ll look into it.

  • closerbo says:

    Thanks for that great discovery for me.
    I just bought her CD . I can’t wait to hear it .
    I’m now a brand new fan of Julia !

  • Robbie says:

    Closerbo: Glad to hear you liked Julia’s music! And even more so that you liked it enough to purchase her album! Once you’ve listened to it, let me know what you think.

  • Katie says:

    Holy old thread, Batman. I just wanted to say thanks for this glowing review of Julia. I found her about two years ago at Moonwork, and have started following her since then, and she’s just amazing in every sense. Truly an amazing artist, and, if possible, an even more amazing person.

    • Hey Katie, thanks for writing. I appreciate the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the review. May need to revisit Ms. Darling in the near future.

      • Katie says:

        Hi Robbie – please do. She can often be found on the calendar at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, and she has just released her third album entitled “Everything That Has Happened Since Then.”

        Of particular excellence are the tracks Blow, Friend of a Friend, and A Wonderful Life.

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