Kristin Diable

Kristin Diable

Born in Baton Rouge, but currently residing in Brooklyn, singer-songwriter Kristin Diable is an artist who makes music to escape to a different plane, one where the constraints of routine day-to-day life are mere afterthoughts.

Diable’s is a blend of rootsy rock stirred with spoonfuls of folk, soul and blues and sung with passion and fervor. And although Diable cites artists like Jeff Buckley, Nina Simone, Etta James and many of the classics of our time as personal favorites, any influences one may ‘hear’ in Diable’s music are purely speculative. After all, no one sounds quite like anyone else.

Diable’s first solo recording came in the form of a six-song EP entitled As You Were in 2004. The tracks found here are the result of songs written between 2002 and 2003, a time when Diable was still adjusting to New York and all its surprising charms.

Predominately acoustic, the songs on As You Were are pleasant and easily absorbed for those willing to listen.

Songs like ‘Badly,’ with it’s hand-drum backdrop and warm delivery mark the album’s tone and the beginning of what is sure to be a long and steady career for Diable.

In 2005, Diable released her full-length debut, Shelter on her own Speakeasy label. The record possesses a much more robust sound and features Diable in a more focused, confident light. Backed by a full band, each of these songs are given the room to stretch.

‘Black Plague & Dynamite’ is the quintessential rock song and possibly the farthest Diable’s sound has traveled from the songs found on As You Were. Her voice purrs in and out of loud guitars and thumping drum beats. This is, undeniably, rock & roll.

Other songs shine too – ‘Sister Sadie’ provides further proof of Diable’s capable voice and testify to the genuine soul found in her songs.

Diable is currently supporting the release of Shelter by regularly performing in and around New York.

To those interested in purchasing Shelter, Diable offers three copies for the price of two ($11.99 a piece) through the official site at Speakeasy Records. She’ll even autograph them for you.


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