Rose Polenzani

Rose Polenzani

Rose Polenzani has been making music since the mid-90’s, infusing her magnetic poetry and delicate whispers to noticeable effect.

Polenzani’s well-regarded debut album, Dragersville, surfaced in 1998, neatly unfolding each song of lyrically engaging folk to willing ears. The opener, ‘You Don’t Know’ is soft, beautiful and resonating.

Anybody, Polenzani’s sophomore effort, arrived in 1999, offering further proof of her uncanny writing sensibilities. This time allowing songwriters like Andrew Bird and the Indigo Girls to add their unique touches.

Rose Polenzani became Polenzani’s third album, arriving in 2001. Here, the sound is amplified by the backing of a band, which make for a nice contrast to Polenzani’s usual softer acoustics, but thankfully don’t muddle the stories. On this, ‘Fell’ is a true heartpouring example.

Rose Polenzani - August

August (2004)

Polenzani’s most recent release is August, a collection of home recordings that she wrote, recorded and released on her own dollar. The result is an album of remarkable gems that are intensely engaging and personal, like most of her catalogue, but boast a distinct personality and still work well as a cohesive set.

‘The First Time’ will become a joyous listen to those who are fond of the signature sound of bands like Mazzy Star or Eddi Reader, as Polenzani’s voice is clear and pleasant and is perfectly suited to the strumming sound of a guitar. It’s as if they were meant to be heard together.

On ‘Girl,’ another standout, Polenzani uses an electric guitar and a vocal echo to create an infectious, lo-fi surprise.

Polenzani consistently plays the live show. Be sure to visit her official site for upcoming dates and venues.

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