Feist – The Reminder

Feist - The Reminder
The Reminder
May 1, 2007

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While I’m sure there are many who would lay claim to have known of Leslie Feist since her first album, 1999’s Monarch (Lay Your Jeweled Head Down), the audience grew exponentially with her sophomore release, the highly lauded Let It Die, an album still warm with all of the buzz it has received since its debut.

And now comes The Reminder, Feist’s follow-up to Let It Die, which is set to arrive officially in the U.S. tomorrow.

So what can one find with Feist’s latest record? Well, more of that same winning formula which has made her so irresistible to those who already love her. The music here is pleasant and engaging; Feist’s voice soft and hypnotic.

‘My Moon, My Man,’ the album’s first single, is a forceful upbeat pacer and highly addicting while the beautiful ‘Limit To Your Love’ contains the evocative power of Feist’s voice when paired with the right lyric and melody.

Also not to be missed is ‘Sealion,’ Feist’s rendition of the great Nina Simone‘s ‘See-line Woman,’ a song she’s been performing live for the past few years.

Collectively, The Reminder is a solid album and one that plays well from beginning to end. It’s just that after creating something as fresh and unique as Let It Die, The Reminder comes off as just that – a reminder of what I knew to be good.


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