Krista Detor

Krista Detor

Two years have never felt longer. After having waited for her follow-up to the exquisite Mudshow, I’m happy to have finally listened to Krista Detor‘s latest album, Cover Their Eyes.

With attention placed in every detail, Detor continues her incredible talent to weave fantastic stories with her distinct songwriting, penning twelve new songs that are thick and rich with mood and clarity.

Krista Detor - Cover Their Eyes

Cover Their Eyes (2007)

Detor’s voice is mesmerizing too, falling somewhere between the beguiling Dar Williams and the crystalline voice of Eddi Reader; she gracefully decorates each song with her winning blend.

For further listening, the music community website,, has a few free Detor songs to listen to. Also be sure to visit Detor’s MySpace page for extensive tour dates in Europe and across America and stay for a sampling of her piano laced ‘Dinner With Chantel,’ also from Cover Their Eyes.

I count the ways, but I know it always ends too soon
In between the light of dream and some anemic moon
And love you forever goes walking out my door
And I don’t know if I can bear to think of you anymore
Krista Detor

Although not scheduled for an American release until March of next year, fans in Holland and Belgium saw the release recently, with several other European countries following shortly. And for those who just cannot wait, online ordering is available.

Not one to be bound to one distinct category, Detor’s music has been described many ways (Americana, Folk, Country… and a slew of others), but perhaps the best way to discover if it will suit your musical pallet is to find a moment to seclude yourself from others, light a few candles, dim the lights, and relax in your best chair, and let the music just permeate.


  • "betty" says:

    Great post! Thanks so much for the introduction…already dloaded from emusic! Simply gorgeous..

  • Robbie says:

    Thanks for the comment, Betty. So glad you found Krista. Enjoy.

  • (also:

    Thanks for posting this review, Robbie! I first heard Krista Detor at a house concert last fall(who KNEW such jaw-dropping talent could be found at a house concert…lucky break for me!). I have been a devoted fan ever since, and while there are many talented and wonderful singer-songwriters out there, none can displace Krista from her #1 spot in my music collection. Her “Mudshow” was the best album I’d ever heard; then I heard her “Silver Wood” (an unreleased collection of original Christmas songs that is simply superb/magical), and now “Cover Their Eyes,” that is the finest collection of masterpieces ever! Whichever CD I’m listening to at the moment is the best…everything Krista does is pure wondrous perfection, each a treasured gift for the spirit. What a lucky day when I first heard her magnificent voice and discovered her brilliant songwriting.

    Yeah…I guess you could say that I’m a fan!


  • Hi –

    Thank you so, so much for the lovely words about Krista. I could not agree more, but I am a little biased.;) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    That being said (and me being the ever vigilant webperson)I’m writing to give you a heads up about the third line in your outtake from Anemic Moon which should read:

    “and love you forever goes walking out my door”

    The lyrics to Eyes in their entirety will be up on Krista’s site and myspace page this weekend.

    Again, thank you very, very much.


  • Willa: Sounds like you’re a fan to me! Welcome aboard and thanks for stopping by.

    Dyann: You’re welcome! And thank you for a nice, wonderful and informative web site on Ms. Detor. And please pass along a ‘congratulations’ for the release of a truly unique album.

    The lyric has been updated, too. Thanks for pointing that out. I hope you visit again.

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  • Jamie says:

    I got “Mudshow” yesterday, after having listened to the songs feature here and on her MySpace again and again and again.

    Thanks once again for your excellent selection. I think this might be one of those records that simply have not one mediocre filler song. Great lyrics, melodies and a beautiful voice. It might not be long before I feel the urgent need to order “Cover Their Eyes” as well.

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