Ane Brun – Changing Of The Seasons

Ane Brun
Changing of the Seasons
October 14, 2008
Cheap Lullaby

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How can one not appreciate the music of Sweden’s (by way of Norway) Ane Brun? Her sweet, affecting voice and truly unique song-writing style can be incredibly moving. Her songs are the embodiment of ‘heart-felt,’ each track carrying a melody that is as memorable as the story being told.

And with Seasons, Brun seems to perpetuate her trademark; the thirteen tracks here each carry a subtle, but powerful impact, but are sweetly dressed in gentle guitar, strings and sweeping arrangements.

The album’s opener, “The Treehouse Song” finds Brun using a happy tempo to reflect on a love that didn’t last. “I was gonna love you till the end of all daytime / And I was gonna keep all our secret signs and our lullabies / I was made to believe that our love would grow old.”

On the album’s beautiful title track, Brun illustrates an incredibly poignant story of a man’s restlessness in his relationship, equating himself to the changing of the seasons. The song’s impact is heightened with the arrangement of its chorus that is as haunting as it is pleasing to the ear.

“Armour,” another standout, is a piano and string affair, with Brun breaking between verses with a fairy-esque chant.

Brun is also known for her choices of interesting cover choices and sings “True Colors” on a B-side that has recently been released as a single in both England and Ireland.

Earlier this month, Brun also released Sketches, an acoustic version of Changing Of The Seasons released with additional bonus material. The album (and many of her other works) is available on her official website.


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