Bronwen Exter

Bronwen Exter

Although her album, Elevator Ride, was released over two years ago, Bronwen Exter‘s gorgeous debut still resonates.

Bronwen Exter - Elevator Ride

Elevator Ride (2006)

The album is a collaboration between songwriter Johnathan Spottiswoode and Exter, who sings Spottiswoode’s songs like a snug, velvet glove. Exter’s voice is a thick blend of mystery and sensuality, quickly recalling vocalists like Peggy Lee and Hope Sandoval, two of the singer’s obvious inspirations.

Together, the two create the type of sound scape that could easily befit a James Bond film, featuring songs that offer both raw instrumentation and unique song structures, but executed in a controlled fashion; a retro-meets-modern hybrid of jazz/lounge/rock.

Standouts include “I Change Every Minute,” a percussion-heavy track where Exter apologizes for her many ways and “She’s Not In Love, She’s In Pain,” with its charming lyrics and infectious rhythms.

Exter’s own “Float,” appropriately closes the album with a hollow softness of breathy vocals and hypnotizing instrumentaion.

Bronwen Exter regularly performs in the New York area, often seen at the Rockwood Musical Hall or at Joe’s Pub. She’s currently at work on a follow-up album and has recently contributed her vocals to Science For Girls’ “14 Days,” a track that became KCRW’s ‘Top Tune’ for April 29, 2008.

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