Grey Anne

While reading up on Grey Anne, I quickly realized there is a whimsy and charm to its sole member, Anne Adams.

From what I’m able to gather, Adams spent her childhood in Florida, but later made Anacortes, Washington her home. Her love of musicals and experiences in church choirs solidified her future as a songwriter and eventually, Adams found herself in Portland, Oregon. There, she formed Per Se, an all-girl musical trio that allowed her to hone her stage prescence and continue writing.

Grey Anne - Facts N Figurines

Facts N Figurines (2008)

Now as Grey Anne, Adams’ charming brand of music has found its home on Greyday Records, an appropriately titled label that is understandably anticipating the release of Adams’ debut, facts n figurines.

From the recorded hand-claps and poetic, spoken-word delivery of “Adelaide,” to the entrancing sounds of “Golden Ratio,” the album is an eleven track gem of smartly-crafted and lyrically sharp songs.

And although Adams cites noted musicians like Evan Dando, Suzanne Vega and the early years of Liz Phair as the frontrunners to her many musical influences, her music has a decidedly more lo-fi and dreamy quality, but somehow escapes languid territory. On facts n figurines, every song is enchanting.

Adelaide sits and eats her fries and shake
But she can’t shake the thought
That astronauts are watching her with eyes of blue
Blue as ice that will encase the next ice age
And age as later tapes and microfiche are all they have
Of me and you
~ Grey Anne

Adams’ various live shows and word of mouth have now branded her as one of Portland’s most cherished artists. And with her new album just days away, it’s likely she’ll be cherished by us all.

Grey Anne’s facts n figurines is set for release on November 11, 2008.

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