Heather Nova – The Jasmine Flower

Heather Nova
The Jasmine Flower
October 10, 2008
Saltwater LTD

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Although she still remains largely unknown in America, despite the many soundtrack appearances and the occasional tour, Heather Nova is a much more embraced artist in Europe. And now her fans have more to appreciate with the release of Nova’s seventh (not including her live contributions), The Jasmine Flower.

Recorded in her native Bermuda, The Jasmine Flower is a personal affair, lush with Nova’s remarkable emotive abilities, acoustic guitar and sweeping strings. And like most of Nova’s records, a strong sense of the elements seems to permeate the music. And it’s appropriate to mention that the entire album was recorded using solar power.

But unlike the bulk of Nova’s catalog, The Jasmine Flower is a quiet record, with only the closer, ‘Always Christmas,’ demanding more than closed eyes and open ears.

The slower selections are more hypnotic, however. ‘Every Soldier Is A Mother’s Son’ is a somber perspective of a mother seeing a son off to war. And on ‘Hollow,’ Nova’s voice is simply mesmerizing.

The Jasmine Flower is unlikely to garner Nova heeps of press in America, but it is a lovely, unadorned album that fits beautifully with the songwriter’s strong career.


  • eric says:

    Definitely some of her best vocal work in years! Her past few albums have seemed like she was going toward boring-Sarah-Mclachlan territory but this record is beautiful and simple. Love it.

  • Jane says:

    This is lovely. Thank you for posting this review. I’m sorry that she slipped off my radar the past couple years, and I’m looking forward to hearing the entire album.

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