Jill Barber – Chances

Jill Barber
October 14, 2008
Outside Music

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With every album she’s created, Canada’s Jill Barber has inched closer and closer to the beautiful gems found on her latest, Chances.

Barber’s unbridled love with the sounds of 50’s and 60’s jazz and folk is the flame that sets Chances afire. And her distinctive, smokey voice is the perfect instrument for a sound that is both instantly vintage and yet still affecting in today’s scene.

Backed by a 10-piece string section and featuring guest vocals by Ron Sexsmith, Chances proves Barber’s undeniable talent not only as both a songwriter, but as a singer who so easily suits the spotlight that greats like Patsy Cline or Ella Fitzgerald have done before her.

Standouts include the swaying ‘Never Quit Loving You’ and the beautiful and dreamy ‘Take It Off My Mind.’

With Chances, Barber has found her true niche – and what a perfect fit.


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