Lisa Cerbone

Baltimore-based singer-songwriter Lisa Cerbone has been recording music since the mid-90’s, releasing a string of albums that effortlessly seem to convey rich emotion. Though she’s largely remained under the radar when it comes to commercial accessibility, Cerbone’s music is a rare treasure that anyone with a penchant for original, well-written music should experience.

Lisa Cerbone - We Were All Together

We Were All Together (2008)

Cerbone’s latest release is the quietly beautiful, We Were All Together, her fourth full-length album, this one dedicated to her late father and recorded while balancing life as a mother of two young children. And understandably, it’s her children that influence Cerbone in some of these songs. ‘Mia Noelle’ is written for Cerbone’s daughter, and perfectly captures the innocence and love a mother notices when watching her child so effortlessly “making friends with everyone.”

Sadness has its moments on this record too, as ‘Change The Ending’ was written after the loss of Cerbone’s father. The song is sparse and affecting, a piano and voice that requires complete attention. ‘Tiny Patch Of Earth’ is equally moving, with Cerbone’s graceful voice centering a beautifully crafted song.

The music found on We Were All Together is soft, lilting and very precise. The acoustic guitar and piano heard in these songs are crisp and are not obscured by overproduction; they add immensely to the emotions Cerbone’s songs conjure. And with a voice that is light and sweet, Cerbone’s singing possesses a girlish charm that reminds me a bit of Kate Bush, but without the theatrics. If music can evoke imagery, one can easily picture a cool, early morning with dew on the grass and a haze in the air.

When your body turned on itself
I like to think you’re an angel moving towards someplace else
The beautiful faces you drew out of the clouds
tricked me into thinking you would be coming back
How can I change the ending in my mind?
~ Lisa Cerbone

Lisa Cerbone has a couple of dates scheduled for the Baltimore area in the month of June. For listing information and full discography of Cerbone’s previous albums, please visit her official site.

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