Tracy Bonham

Tracy Bonham

Three years ago, Boston-based songwriter Tracy Bonham, released her third, and quite possibly, best album to date with Blink The Brightest. Since its release, the accomplished violinist hasn’t slowed down.

Tracy Bonham - Blink The Brightest

Blink The Brightest (2005)

In 2006, Bonham released In The City + In The Woods, a combo-platter of two EPs featuring some newer material and some reworkings of older, more familiar songs. The tracks here are stipped down, with Bonham playing every instrument. Among its standouts include ‘In My Other Life,’ which has grown to become one of my personal favorites of Bonham’s entire catalog (thus far). Bonham’s live and acoustic reworking of ‘One Hit Wonder,’ a song that originally appeared on her debut, is also noteworthy.

Then of course, there is her rendition of Beyonce‘s ‘Crazy In Love,’ which is one of the best I’ve heard (and there seems to be a lot lately to choose from).

One of Bonham’s latest endeavors has been to the compilation, Songs For A Broken Heart, a benefit album for the National Transplant Assistance Fund issued by Circle Back Music. Bonham contributed two new songs in honor for her brother, Matt Bonham, who was a recent recipient of a heart transplant. Other artists on this worthy collection include Ani DiFranco, Kris Delmhorst, Katie Herzig, Garrison Starr and more.

Currently, Bonham continues her songwriting, focusing much of her time between Boston and New York. Her official web site features several never-before-heard songs that visitors can download. One worth noting is ‘Carry Me Home,’ a banjo-lined gem that further illustrates that Bonham is certainly no one-hit wonder.


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