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Zoë Pollock, who went only by her first name professionally, released two albums in the 90’s: 1991’s pop-infused Scarlet Red And Blue and 1996’s more rock driven, Hammer. But it was shortly after the release of Hammer that Pollock seemed to fade away from the limelight.

Now, after more than a decade away from music scene, Pollock has remerged. This time, she and fellow songwriter, Sarah McQuaid, have created Mama, a folk duo who have just recently released their debut album, Crow Coyote Buffalo.

Mama - Crow Coyote Buffalo

Crow Coyote Buffalo (2008)

Recorded largely in McQuaid’s home in Penzance in Cornwall, England, the music of Mama combines an organic mix of traditional folk with flourishes of Eastern influences and spiked with dashes of 60’s psychedelic mood. Mariachis, trumpets, and the ukelele are prevelant through many of the songs here and each add their own unique flare to these original compositions.

Pollock’s voice is still unmistakable; a powerful and capable instrument that previous fans will quickly embrace. McQuaid’s is more subdued and softer, and together, they harmonize beautifully.

Standouts include “The Fool Of Spring,” the album’s opener which is both jubilant and tribal.

On “Dancing Girl,” trumpets and block drums help to create a hypnotic trance which give way to an explosion of sounds mid-way through the song.

Also included is a Mama-ized remake of Pollock’s well known “Sunshine On A Rainy Day,” originally found on her debut album.

Both Pollock and McQuaid have created a very unique record with Crow Coyote Buffalo. One that will require several listens to truly absorb.

Crow Coyote Buffalo is available through CDBaby and through Mama’s official site where those interested can listen to the entire album.

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