Butterfly Boucher

Butterfly Boucher

Butterfly Boucher, whose given name is indeed Butterfly, was born into a large family (she has six sisters) and gravitated quickly to creating music.

Her professional career in music officially began in the mid-90’s when Boucher joined sister Becca and her band, The Mercy Bell (formerly known as Eat The Menu), as their bassist and vocalist. Together, the group released their LP, Bite in 1995. Their follow-up, Whoosh, followed in 1996 and was re-released in 1997 when the band decided to change their name. Trivia enthusiasts might be interested in discovering that there was evidently a ‘hidden message’ found in the CD tray that reads “subliminal messages such as this one have been proven to have a direct affect on the retail trends and spending habits of the average consumer.”

Shortly after the release of Whoosh, the band’s record deal hit a snag and the group dissolved with Butterfly eventually relocating herself to England to embark on a solo career at the suggestion of good friend and fellow musician, Mike Dixon.

Butterfly Boucher - Flutterby

Flutterby (2003)

While in the U.K., Boucher continued to write music and had created a strong series of demos. Dixon, who had several contacts in the music business, introduced Boucher to producers Brad Jones and Robin Eaton. With their support, she was fortunate to eventually land a record deal with A&M. Their hand-shaking eventually resulted in Boucher’s debut album, Flutterby, which was originally released in 2003 and featured many of Boucher’s demos without much additional production. And aside from a few guest musicians on a handful of tracks, all of the arrangements and instrumentation are Boucher’s own.

The following year, Boucher promoted Flutterby and toured Europe and the US, opening for Sarah McLachlan and the Barenaked Ladies.

Then in 2004, Boucher was invited to join David Bowie for a recording of his song ‘Changes,’ which was included on the soundtrack and film to Shrek 2. Her music has also appeared in a variety of other shows including Charmed and Grey’s Anatomy.

You don’t know
You don’t know what a day dream
I could be the girl who kisses everyone at the party
Say hello
Say hello to the new girl
Who’s she here for?
You shoulda seen her freezin’ the doorway
~ Butterfly Boucher

Boucher, who now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, was also recently part of the Ten Out Of Tenn’s collective band of touring artists during its second year. Together, the group performed throughout the country and a Ten Out Of Tenn compilation CD was released featuring a track from each of the ten artists (a Christmas album is available also).

Butterfly Boucher - Scary Fragile

Scary Fragile (2009)

This year saw the release of Boucher’s long-waited sophomore album, Scary Fragile. Two previous versions of the record were created for releases in England and Australia back in 2007, but neither panned out. Boucher then found herself trying to be released from her contract and was fortunate enough to not only break free from her label, but to also retain the rights to her songs.

Scary Fragile finds the singer continuing to nurture her mix of hook-laden pop/rock while still maintaining a lyrical integrity that many pop songs throw right out the window in favor of a radio hit. Highlights from the album include the driving beat of ‘Just One Tear’ and the smokey single, ‘Gun For A Tongue.’ Milder songs like the effecting ‘A Bitter Song’ are also noteworthy in that they show Boucher’s talents don’t lie solely in how well she can steer an up-tempo song.

Boucher is currently touring the US in support of Scary Fragile. She also continues to be the bassist and vocalist for the Nashville pop/punk band, Elle Macho, which also consists of musicians David Mead and Lindsay Jamieson.


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