Claire Cronin

Claire Cronin

Armed with an acoustic guitar and some beautifully poignant stories, Claire Cronin is a great example of how art is all-encompassing.

Cronin’s debut album, New Emotional, is a self-released, small and sparse ten-track collection of poignant tales. These are bedroom songs and are best served uninterrupted by outside noise.

I don’t think there are any songs here that notably outshine the rest; as each possess their own hidden charms. However, I found myself particularly drawn to “Ballad For Old Decorations” and “From The Wreaths On The Cars,” two songs that I feel best showcase Cronin’s strengths as a songwriter, which are quite remarkable, albeit subdued.

The album’s deeply personal delivery is bolstered by the visual art that Cronin also contributes. Her peculiar drawings adorn the album as inserts, each one depicting frozen chapters in an unknown story.

Here’s a ballad for old decorations
For the reindeer still left on the lawn
For the boxes of light you undid late at night
As the TV played holiday songs
How the flowers of April came early
So we dug out their heads from the snow
But no heat from our breath was enough to protect
What the season insisted should go.
~ Claire Cronin

Much of Cronin’s personal life is an enigma. She has revealed very little other than her birthplace (Santa Monica, CA) and her approximate age (she was born in the 80’s). But her love of art is as apparent as it is thought provoking.

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  • Claire says:

    hey, wow, thanks for the lovely review. i just looked myself up online and found it. i really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my cd.

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