Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton is a young, Canadian songwriter and self-taught guitarist who last year, released her debut EP, Love Is For Pussies. The collection, like it’s tongue-in-cheek title, features a smart selection of original, charismatic songs about breaking up and making up and the many shades in-between.

From the pinches of Latin flavor found in “Barcelona” and its send-off chorus, to the bouyancy and heavy wordplay found in “Up To Here,” to the old-fashioned country styling in “One Way Ride To Hell,” Burton’s music doesn’t seem to live in any particular core genre. She’s equal parts folk, pop, country and rock, all served with an acute lyrical edge.

As far as I’m concerned the moment that you left me in the dust
Along with all your other castaways where I was left to rust
That’s when we should have said goodbye
Or did you think that maybe later you’d pick me up and shine me off
And put me back up on the shelf with all your other pretty stuff
And somehow you thought I’d think that’s fine
~ Sarah Burton

The Toronto-based Burton has taken firm hold of the reins of what will likely be a burgeoning career for her. In the spring, she’ll begin to record her full-length follow-up to Love Is For Pussies and will surely be out on the road to support the record, hopefully making it to some US dates.

For more information on Sarah Burton, be sure to check out her official site, which sports the obligatory bio and music information, but also features musings from the songwriter herself.

Also worth checking out is Sarah Burton’s page on, which offers two live sessions for free download.


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