Anna Bullard – Split Heart

Anna Bullard
Split Heart
October 19, 2010

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Anna Bullard is a songwriter out of Charlotte, North Carolina who has just recently released her debut album, Split Heart, an 11-track collection of finely executed folk on Pox World Empire.

With subtle and consciously understated production, Bullard’s songs possess an ‘off the cuff’ quality in their delivery, many of them sounding as if they were just mere streams of thought seconds before they were recorded. There isn’t any forced wordplay or ploys for rhyme – just heartfelt, amplified thoughts that added with Bullard’s sweet and airy voice and diligently placed overlays, produce a result that is very affecting and satisfying.

Standouts here are plentiful as the album maintains an equal level of interest throughout – not an easy feat. Songs like the infectious “Second Song” and “The Problem” pick up the tempo after the warm and cozy opening of the album’s first track, “Find Me In The Morning.”

Softer songs complete the circle, like “Bread & Wine”, which sings the tale of a lonely host of a sad dinner party. And then there’s the beautiful “Sing Real Pretty,” which is perhaps one of the album’s most evoking songs, a delicate gem that fans of Rose Polenzani, Mirah and Cat Power fans are sure to find joy in.

Overall, one might expect that an album titled Split Heart would be comprised wholly of melancholy lullabies of heartbreak or perhaps bitter, revengeful tell-alls, but Anna Bullard’s debut is a remarkable set of songs that cleverly illustrate her talent for engaging songwriting.

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