Chew Heart – Messy Snarls

Chew Heart
Messy Snarls
September 12, 2010
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Chicago’s Chew Heart is a fun, fresh and energetic rock duo consisting of Laura Granlund and Curt Swank, who together, began collaborating over a shared fondness of musical interests that include the Pixies, the Beatles and Elvis Costello, among others.

After more than six years together, the duo has released their first official release, Messy Snarls, a six-track collection of rock-inspired original songs that exude raw energy and a penchant for short, but well-constructed music.

Proudly recorded without any computer over-processing , Messy Snarls sounds close to what Chew Heart must sound like live. In fact, it’s quite remarkable that the band consists of only two people because at many times, their sound carries the weight of bands twice their number.

“Catty Cop” opens the set with a concussive force of guitar, keys and rapid-fire drum beats. Granlund’s voice transforming from soft to snarl, mastering the sonic force with ease.

“Private P.D.A.” is another true stand-out; buoyant and light, it provides a welcoming softness to the set whereas “This Lonely Law” closes the collection with an impressive, extended jam of percussion and guitar, a befitting end to this impressive string of songs.

Clocking in at barely over fifteen minutes, the E.P. seems to end far too soon, but the listener is left with a feel-good memory of what was just heard. Chew Heart are a talented, focused duo that clearly know what they’re doing.

I certainly look forward to hearing more from this surprising band.

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