I don’t know what it is about Charlotte, North Carolina, but there is some great music coming out of there.

Matrimony is a new musical duo consisting of Jimmy Brown and Ashlee Hardee, both of whom were songwriters in their own right before collaborating.

Brown is originally from Belfast, Ireland and formerly of the indie band Airspace. In 2008, he released his first solo EP, Muzzle the Muse.

Hardee, a Charlotte native, is formerly of the band Flagship and has also published two previous EPs under her own name.

Together, Brown and Hardee formed Matrimony last December and have since embarked on creating some gorgeous songs that combine folk, pop and bluegrass into a truly satisfying blend.

The Storm & The Eye EP (2010)

The Storm & The Eye EP (2010)

The two take turns with vocals, but adorn each song with an arsenal of beautiful instrumentation, utilizing a slew of instruments including accordion, banjo and violin among others. But remarkably, their songs carry no trace of the twang one might expect. Instead, the listener is rewarded with Hardee’s lush vocals, Brown’s strumming and music that sounds wonderfully effortless.

Earlier this year, Matrimony independently released their debut 6-song EP, The Storm & The Eye and listeners can stream the entire EP before deciding to purchase on their official site.

So hurry and discover Matrimony now before everyone else does.


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