Ok Sweetheart

Ok Sweetheart

Sometimes you can find great music in the strangest of places. With Ok Sweetheart, that place was Twitter. While randomly going through a list of somebody’s ‘followers,’ I happened upon the band’s name, which of course led me to their website. Which of course, led me to listen to some of their music. Which of course, led me to…. well, you get the idea.

Citing influences ranging by bands such as the Beatles, the Zombies and artists Regina Spektor, Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson, Ok Sweetheart is a seven-person group who divide themselves between New York, Oklahoma, Texas and California.

Home (2011)

Home (2011)

The band’s front woman, Erin Austin, has a cool and wonderfully thick voice – an instrument similar in inflection to that of songwriter Lex Land, but perfectly suited for the type of music the band employs; a beautiful mixture of pop/indie rock.

Although presently unsigned, Ok Sweetheart have been busy with performing live shows across the country and already have an arsenal of gorgeous songs at their disposal. Austin herself a winner of the 2008 John Lennon Songwriting Award for Pop.

Ok Sweetheart have also heavily embraced the Internet, but as of yet, there isn’t much information on how to obtain their self-titled album. Perhaps they are trying to secure a distribution deal, so I’m assuming the album is currently only available at their live shows. However, their single “All We Have” is available on iTunes.

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  • Les Moor says:

    Nice piece. I discovered OK Sweetheart this morning via the TCM Remembers video, which used the song Before You Go. TCM did well to choose this song to remember the actors and other movie industry folk who have passed this year because the lyrics fit so well with the subject matter. I will be listening to more by them.

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