Tracy Bonham – Masts Of Manhatta

Tracy Bonham
Masts of Manhatta
July 13, 2010
Engine Room Recordings

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With the state of the music business evolving, artists too, are forced to find new ways to share their music. And more and more artists are realizing that belonging to a demanding label simply isn’t necessary anymore.

Long gone are the days where you’d go to your local record store to pick up the latest release from your favorite artists. Albums in CD format are slowly going the way of the dodo, for better or for worse.

Tracy Bonham has become one of these liberated artists.

Although originally introduced to the masses during the wave of 90’s-era female rockers, today’s Bonham possesses less snarl and more confidence and has self-released her fourth (and possibly greatest) album, Masts of Manhatta.

Recorded from 2007 through 2009 and in-between frequent trips to and from Woodstock and Brooklyn, New York, Masts of Manhatta finds the singer using New York as her theme and inspiration. Creatively blending tones of pop, rock and country into an impressive collection of memorable songs, Bonham proudly exhibits her knack for masterfully combining her trademark violin and lyrical bite into tracks that never sound formulaic.

The entire album is remarkably strong, particularly with the opening track, “Devil’s Got Your Boyfriend,” which employs Bonham’s weeping violin and a satisfying drum beat to spin a slinky tale of a boyfriend’s infidelities.

“Big Red Heart” is an equally groovy cut which makes reference to the misery one can find one’s self in when deeply in love.

But there are many other standouts which include the beautifully ‘urban meets rural’ story found in “We Moved Our City To The Country”, “Reciprocal Feelings,” a mood-altering, softer number played entirely on piano and “In The Moonlight,” a happily strummed, if not lyrically abstract sing-a-long.

Masts of Manhatta clearly shows that Bonham’s penchant for writing smart, engaging songs is no fluke. She seems truly comfortable with where she is at in her life and her approach to music writing and these songs simply flow beautifully from one song to the next.

Bonham is currently preparing for a short tour in Europe in support of her latest album. She also urges fans to visit her page at PledgeMusic where fans can purchase unique items including the opportunity for Bonham to perform in their living room.

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