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With a voice that is both delicate and affecting, coating many of her songs in a hazy, hypnotic melancholy, Seattle-based independent songwriter Katie Davis creates the type of dreamy music that I just can’t seem to get enough of.

Davis’ debut EP, Terrible, Terrible, was released in 2004 and featured a small collection of somber, guitar-driven songs that were born out of the bevy of emotions that accompany the dissolving of relationships. The recording garnered Davis with many positive reviews and eventually saw the artist rightfully earning her name on the marquee at the Showbox in Seattle.

Three Songs EP

Three Songs EP

After six years spent traveling and writing, Davis’ has recently released her latest, the Three Songs EP, a trio of songs depicting the sunnier side of the artist. Recorded over 2-3 days while on a road trip through California and funded by the “I Heart Sad Songs” T-shirts Davis sells through her website, Three Songs is a much more optimistic affair than Terrible, Terrible and creatively stronger.

Musically influenced by artists including the likes of Jenny Lewis, Kristin Hersh and Elliott Smith, Davis cites mythical mermaids and the prospect of new love as inspirations for the music found on Three Songs.

“Fisherman” opens the set with a love song between the subject and his siren – the ‘ooohs’ in Davis’ voice alone immediately taking the listener out to a cold, fog-trimmed sea.

“Baby Your Eyes” also stands out as a soft and poetic acoustic number while the aptly titled “Gorgeous” demonstrates Davis’ quirkier lyrical side: “I wanna turn you on / I wanna protest war with abandon with Susan Sarandon”.

The songwriting talent that is Katie Davis is surely due for an wider audience and Three Songs is a big, giant step in that direction.

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