The Narcoleptic Dancers

The Narcoleptic Dancers are a wonderfully infectious Dutch-French brother and sister duo consisting of Anton Louis Jr. and Melody Van Kappers whose approach at music is refreshingly quirky and fresh, but also satisfyingly solid.

Their debut comes in the form of the Not Evident EP, released just last year and featuring five original and smartly written pop songs. Van Kappers is the main voice behind the duo while Louis is the man behind the production. Together the siblings share writing credits.

Not Evident EP

Not Evident EP

Listening to the title track, one can immediately discern the bright, fresh and slightly zany nature of their music. The Narcoleptic Dancers have no doubt taken their cues from artists like the B-52’s and Hello Saferide with their cheery musical approach and perhaps Chrissie Hynde with their haircuts. And while the long bangs and combed-over look (dubbed the Johnny ‘Narcoleptic Dancer’ Van Kappers haircut) are undoubtedly schtick, their music almost certainly is not.

Still, don’t be surprised if you suddenly start noticing more people growing their hair out and bumping into things.


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